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Buying Soccer Shoes for Hawaii Fields

There’s no need to spend a fortune on shoes as most kids will outgrow them in three to four months!

We’re committed to providing Hawaii soccer players with affordable and high-quality shoes. Due to the different types of fields  here in Hawaii ask us about which shoes are right for you and the field you’ll be playing on! It makes a huge difference to know which cleat or turf shoe is right for you!

We also carry popular brands like Adidas, Nike, Puma and more! Never guess if a shoe fits again! Give us a call and we’ll tell you how each brand fits and wears for how you’ll be using it!

shoe selection

It’s becoming more and more common to hear that certain clubs are requiring players to wear certain brands of shoes. The logic being the club is sponsored by that brand. If that’s true than the sponsor should provide the shoes at no charge. If that’s the case in your club remind the coach that he will be held financially liable for foot injuries occurred . THIS IS A NO NO. The shoe should be compatible with ones foot shape.

Youth Shoes Starting at $24.99!

Our shoe inventory varies from one week to another. Prices start at $24.99 all the way up to $250. Shoe sizes start at a youth (keiki) 8 through adult 15

Keep in mind a more expensive shoe will not last longer than a cheaper shoe.

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